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April 21, 2014

Report: A Comparative Study to Evaluate Short-Term Work Zone Safety Control Measures' Effectiveness Based on Simplified Traffic Conflict Model

Report: Analysis of Uncertainty Associated with Response Time in Work Zone Traffic Accidents

Page Update: Better Roads: Ellensburg Bull Wears Orange, Promotes Work Zone Awareness in Washington available at National Work Zone Awareness Week 2014

April 17, 2014

Article: MoDOT Won't Deploy Noisy Work-Zone Warning Device After All

Article: MoDOT Will Use 'Sound Cannons' to Deter Work Zone Speeding

April 15, 2014

Survey: National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse Web Survey

Page Update: The following are available at National Work Zone Awareness Week 2014:

  • ODOT, Ohio Turnpike and Others Call for Work Zone Safety
  • Press Conference: Connecticut’s Work Zone Safety Awareness Week April 7-11, 2014
  • Video: Dept. of Transportation 2014 Work Zone Safety Week Kick-off
  • The Bristol Press: Our View: Obeying the Orange
  • Think Safety While Driving Through Work Zones 

April 14, 2014

Page Update: The following are available at National Work Zone Awareness Week 2014:

  • The Responder: Work Zone Safety Awareness – It’s Our Responsibility
  • CBS Denver: National Work Zone Memorial to Be Displayed at CDOT Headquarters
  • Fox 28: Safety Top Concern for Summer's 2,000 Work Zones on Ohio Roads
  • Drivers Encouraged to Be Safe in Work Zones
  • Media Advisory: RIDOT Director Invites Media to Visit Highway Work Zones this Week
  • ABC27.COM: Work Zone Safety Is Big Business for Midstate Company
  • ABC40: Work Zone Rules to Be Enforced as Construction Season Begins
  • NYC's Work Zone Safety Trailer, with an Eye on Safer Streets, to Debut on Staten Island
  • The Detroit News: Caution in Work Zones Keeps Drivers Safe, too
  • Nashoba Publishing: Construction Season, Work Zone Speed Enforcement Patrols Return to Roadways
  • Kansas First News: National Work Zone Awareness Week
  • The Lufkin News: WHITE: Slow Down, Pay Attention in Work Zones
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: PennDOT Warning to Drivers: Slow Down in Work Zones
  • Fox 28: Drivers Reminded to Be Cautious in Work Zones

Article: Asking Drivers What Information They Need: Radical but Effective


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