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Mission and History


The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse is dedicated to providing the transportation construction industry and the general public with comprehensive information to improve motorist, worker and pedestrian safety in roadway work zones.


The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse is the nation's first and most comprehensive information resource on roadway construction zone safety. The initial idea for the Clearinghouse was proposed at a 1994 national conference on highway work zone safety sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and organized by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association (ARTBA). Subsequently, the National Highway System Designation Act of 1995 encouraged the U.S. Department of Transportation to expand its work zone safety educational efforts.

After months of consultation with experts in the traffic safety field on how such a Clearinghouse should be established and what it should contain, FHWA sought proposals for the project in a national competition. ARTBA was selected as the project manager in the fall of 1997.

In partnership with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI), and with financial support from FHWA, the facility opened for business on February 17, 1998.

Ever since, the Clearinghouse has provided transportation agencies, highway engineers and contractors, labor unions, insurance companies, motor clubs, news media and other interested parties with a wealth of information on how to make road construction zones safer for motorists, pedestrians and highway workers.

In 2000, Clearinghouse operations were privatized and managed by the ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation (TDF), with support from the American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials, TTI, labor organizations and other safety groups. TTI manages the day-to-day operations, conducts the safety research and maintains the Clearinghouse website (

In 2005, the ARTBA-TDF received a federal contract to significantly expand Clearinghouse services and launch a state-of-the-art website utilizing the latest technologies.

Today, the Clearinghouse has the world's largest online library of free information on these topics: accident and crash data, latest technologies and equipment, best practices, key safety expert contact information, laws and regulations, safety standards, news and research publications, training videos and programs, public education campaigns, materials in 6 foreign languages (Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, and Arabic), and educational materials for new drivers.

Successful recent programs include:

  • FHWA Work Zone Training Classes and Materials—A complete listing of all the products developed since 2005 through the Federal Highway Administration’s Work Zone Safety Training Program.  Download guidance documents, training programs, videos, interactive software and more!
  • Best Practices in Work Zone Safety—an Internet-based educational experience including an interactive virtual conference and exhibit.  This conference provides the best in work zone safety from your desktop . . . for free!
  • Living Tributes Online Work Zone Memorial—a “microsite” designed to recognize and remember those who have lost a love one in a work zone-related fatality—and to pay tribute to those killed.
  • Work Zone Safety Poster Series—Tens of thousands of products have been mailed by the Clearinghouse, including our own series of innovative posters: Know the Signs; Know the Blind Spots; and Know Flagging. 
  • The Clearinghouse’s Listserv—A valuable service where over 1,400 subscribed users ask questions, provide answers, and share ideas about improving work zone safety. 

Since 1998, the Clearinghouse has provided assistance to about 1.6 million users from all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and 34 countries around the world.

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Last modified: 3/23/2015