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Work Zone Safety Grant Product Update

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Grant Product Survey Summary: Highlights from 2011 Practitioner Work Group Meeting


Section 1409 of the Safe Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Equity Act:  A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU) established the FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant Program.  This 4-year (2006-2009), $20 million program provided funds to nonprofit and not-for-profit organizations to provide training to prevent and reduce work zone injuries and fatalities.  The three grant emphasis areas include:

  • (Area 1) Training for construction workers;
  • (Area 2) Development of guidelines to help improve work zone safety; and
  • (Area 3) Training for State and local governments, transportation agencies, and other groups implementing the guidelines. 

Four recipients (Laborer’s Health and Safety Fund/American Road and Transportation Builders Association (LHSFA/ARTBA); American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA); Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT); and Wayne State University (WSU)) were competitively selected and each have been involved in at least two of the three emphasis areas. 

To help identify specific needs, information from various sources were used, including:

  • Grant team industry knowledge brainstorming sessions
  • Practitioner panel facilitated sessions that included FHWA, State DOTs, consultants, and academia
  • Results from the FHWA Work Zone Self Assessments
  • Feedback from practitioner workshop series
  • Practitioner surveys to prioritize identified topics

Each recipient identified topics and subject areas for development; FHWA also provided input on final topic areas to better coordinate between Grantees.  In some instances topics addressed within products are similar, but tailored for a specific audience or developed in alternative formats.  Approximately $10 million in additional funding (total) was made available during FY10 and FY11 under extensions to SAFETEA-LU.  This funding was used to support additional grant activities.  Three new grants were awarded to ARTBA, ATSSA, and WSU during 2011 after completing a new competitive process.  Activities included in the 2011 grants build on those already completed, or still in progress from the 2006 grants.

Results to Date

To date the Work Zone Safety Grant has generated a wealth of products, publications, and training resources for roadway construction industry practitioners.  At least  50,300 practitioners and craft workers have received training made accessible through the Grant.  More than 45 guideline publications have been developed, with 40 training modules developed to date, and an entire learning program.  Some products are still in the process of being developed, and others are still being planned.  These guidelines, training, and resources will continue to provide benefits and positive impacts long after the Grant is completed.  Table 1, and the subsequent product list below categorizes products by audience type, subject area, and product format.  The list is a summary of the products/resources available, and each item is linked to more detailed information on the product, including access to the actual guide or course materials where appropriate.

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(* Note: The table only includes products that have been developed through the FHWA Work Zone Safety Grant program.)

Table 1 – Grant products by audience and topic area

    Table 1 – Grant products by audience and topic area
    G=Guidelines. Gp=Podcasts (under Guidelines).  F=Field Guide. T=Training. Ta=Apps (under Training). Tan=Animated Videos (under Training). Tb=Brochures (under Training)

  1. Cover of Automated Speed Enforcement in Work ZonesCover of Guidelines on Work Zone Access and EgressGuidelines on the Use of Positive Protection in Temporary Traffic Control Zones
  2. Work Zone Positive Protection Toolbox
  3. Strategies on Improving Worker Safety in Work Zones
  4. Guidelines on Use of Exposure Control Measures
  5. Guidelines on Work Zone Access and Egress
  6. Temporary Traffic Control (TTC) Tool Kit
  7. Piles of guideline coversUtility Work Zone Traffic Control Guidelines
  8. Increasing the Work Zone Worker’s Visibility Through High-Visibility Safety Apparel / Incremento de la visibilidad de trabajadores en zonas de trabajo, a través de la vestimenta de seguridad de alta visibilidad
  9. High-Visibility Safety Apparel in Highway Work Zones / Vestimenta de seguridad de alta visibilidad en zonas de trabajo en carreteras
  10. Guidance Sheet — Temporary Traffic Control Zone Pedestrian Access Considerations
  11. Considering Work Zone Impacts: Planning for Safety, Mobility, and Constructability
  12. Pedestrians Checklist and Considerations for Temporary Traffic Control Zones
  13. Guidelines on Motorcycle and Bicycle Work Zone Safety
  14. Cover of Guidelines on Use of Law Enforcement in Work Zones Work zone with Ramp Closed signGuidelines on Managing Speeds in Work Zones
  15. Guidelines on Improving Work Zone Safety Through Public Information and Traveler Information
  16. Guidelines on Ensuring Positive Guidance in Work Zones
  17. Guidelines on Use of Law Enforcement in Work Zones
  18. Guidelines on Payment for Temporary Traffic Control
  19. Work Zone Safety Performance Measures Guidance Booklet
  20. Automated Speed Enforcement in Work Zones
  21. Applying the Americans with Disabilities Act in Work Zones: A Practitioner Guide [Video:
  22. Temporary Traffic Control for Building and Maintaining Single and Multi-Lane Roundabouts
  23. Guidance on the Use of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices
  24. Work Zone Safety Data Collection and Analysis Guide
  25. Nighttime Lighting Guidelines for Work Zones
  26. Safe and Effective Work Zone Inspections - 2013
  27. Guidance for the Use of Dynamic Lane Merging Strategies
  28. Guidance for the Use of Portable Changeable Message Signs in Work Zones
  29. Guidance for the Use of Temporary Rumble Strips in Work Zones
  30. Guidelines on Rolling Roadblocks for Work Zone Applications
  31. Work Zone Road Safety Audit Guidelines and Prompt Lists
  32. Guidance for the Use of Temporary Pavement Markings in Work Zones
  33. Guidance: Temporary Traffic Control for Work Zones on Unpaved Roads
  34. Guidelines on the Use of Low-Profile Portable Concrete Barrier in Low to Moderate Speed Work Zones
  35. Portable Positive Protection: A Guide for Short Duration and Short Term Work Zones
  36. Safe Practices for Law Enforcement Personnel Operating in Highway Work Zones


  1. Americans with Disabilities Act Requirements for Accessibility in Temporary Traffic Control Zones
  2. Automated Speed Enforcement in Work Zones
  3. Overview and Summary of the 2006 and 2011 FHWA Work Zone Safety Grants
  4. Work Zone Data Collection & Analysis: What, Why, and How 
  5. Work Zone Hazard Assessment: Identifying and Maintaining the Work Zone Clear Zone
  6. Safety Considerations for Mobile Work Zone Operations
  7. Rolling Roadblocks for Work Zone Applications
  8. Podcast 8: Proper Inspection of Temporary Traffic Control: Program, Process, and Projects
  9. Using Portable Changeable Message Signs to Control Speeding in Work Zones
  10. Podcast 10: Lighting the Way to Safety: Warning Lights and Illumination for Vehicles, Traffic Control Devices, and the Work Area
  11. Podcast 11: Work Zone Road Safety Audits: Teaming up To Improve Safety
  12. Podcast 12: Wake Up! Using Temporary Rumble Strips in Work Zones to Improve Driver Alertness
Field Guide
  1. Field Guide for the Use and Placement of Shadow Vehicles in Work Zones / Guía de campo para el uso y ubicación de vehículos escolta en zonas de trabajo
  2. Field Guide on Installation and Removal of Temporary Traffic Control for Safe Maintenance and Work Zone Operations / Guía de trabajo sobre la instalación y retiro de dispositivos
    de control de tránsito temporal para operaciones seguras en zonas de trabajo y mantenimiento
  3. Work Zone Safety: Temporary Traffic Control for Maintenance Operations / Seguridad en la zona de trabajo: Control temporal de tránsito para operaciones de mantenimiento
  4. Maintenance Work Zone Safety: Pocket Guide of MUTCD Guidance on Temporary Traffic Control / Seguridad en la zona de trabajo de mantenimiento - Guía de bolsillo sobre la orientación del MUTCD en relación con el control de tránsito temporal
  5. Treating Potential Back-of-Queue Safety Hazards
  6. Work Zone Road Safety Audits: Common Items to Note
  7. Operator Safety toolbox pamphlet
  8. Struck or Crushed toolbox pamphlet
  9. Flagger Safety toolbox pamphlet
  10. Excavation toolbox pamphlet
  11. Electrical Hazards toolbox pamphlet
  12. Sprains and Strains toolbox pamphlet
  13. Fall Hazards toolbox pamphlet
  14. Noise Hazards toolbox pamphlet
  15. Health Hazards toolbox pamphlet
  16. Working Outdoors toolbox pamphlet
  17. Emergencies toolbox pamphlet
  18. Safe Driving toolbox pamphlet
  19. Night Work Risks toolbox pamphlet
  20. Night Work High-Visibility toolbox pamphlet
  21. Night Work Temporary Lighting toolbox pamphlet
  22. Night Work Flagging toolbox pamphlet
  23. Runovers/Backovers toolbox pamphlet for all workers
  24. Runovers/Backovers toolbox pamphlet for operators/drivers
  25. Runovers/Backovers toolbox pamphlet for contractors
  26. Runovers/Backovers toolbox pamphlet for agency/owners
  27. High Visibility Apparel in Work Zones - Characteristics of High-Visibility Safety Apparel / Vestimenta de alta visibilidad en zonas de trabajo - Características de la vestimenta de seguridad de alta visibilidad
  28. Guidance: Use of Work Zone Clear Zones, Buffer Spaces, and Positive Protection Deflection Distances
  29. Guidance: Hazard Communications and the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling
  30. Guidance: Managing Flagging Operations on Low-Volume Roads
  31. Innovative End-of Queue Warning System Reduces Crashes Up to 45%


Animated Videos

  1. NIOSH FACE Animated Videos


  1. NEW! Work Zone Safety Application Suite Now Available! 


  1. Safe Trucking Through Work Zones [508 compliant version]

Available Training Presentations

  1. (Intentionally left blank)
  2. Shadow Vehicles for Work Zones Training Module
  3. High-Visibility Safety Apparel in Work Zones
  4. Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility in Work Zones
  5. Work Zone Safety Performance Measures Training Module
  6. Treating Potential “Back-of-Queue” Safety Hazards
  7. Overview of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD) Part 6: Temporary Traffic Control
  8. (Intentionally left blank)
  9. Traffic Control Workers/Flaggers
  10. RSP+ Runovers/Backovers Trainee Booklet
  11. RSP+ Night Work Trainee Booklet
  12. RSP+ Temporary Traffic Control Device Trainee Booklet
  13. RSP+ Disaster Response Trainee Booklet

    Complete Training Materials 
  14. RSP+ Basic Awareness Course
  15. RSP+ Night Work Course
  16. RSP+ Runovers/Backovers Course
  17. RSP+ Disaster Response Course
  18. Utility Work Zone Traffic Control Training and Instructors Guide
  19. Utility Work Zone Traffic Control Instructors Guide Planning Software

  20. What Everyone Should Know (WESK) About Temporary Traffic Control Training
  21. Flagger Instructor Training
  22. Traffic Control Technician
  23. Traffic Control Supervisor
  24. Traffic Control for Tree Crews
  25. Utility Traffic Control 
  26. Design and Operation of Nighttime Temporary Traffic Control in Work Zones
  27. Emergency Traffic Control for Emergency Responders
  28. Construction Site Safety in Work Zones
  29. Traffic Control Design Specialist
  30. Urban Work Zone Design
  31. Maintenance and Short Duration Activities
  32. Temporary Traffic Control Design Specialist (For Traffic Control Supervisors)
  33. Work Zone Strategies
  34. Work Zone Traffic Impact Analysis
  35. OSHA 10-Hour Training for Roadway Construction 
  36. Roadway Safety Plus How-To Video
  37. Roadway Safety Plus Advanced Course
  38. Temporary Traffic Control Plan Development Workshop

    Web-Based Training
  39. High-Visibility Safety Apparel in Work Zones Training Module
  40. Treating Potential “Back-of-Queue” Safety Hazards
  41. Work Zone Safety Performance Measures Training Module
  42. Safe Installation and Removal of Temporary Traffic Control Devices
  43. Shadow Vehicles for Work Zones Training Module
  44. (Intentionally left blank)
  45. Positive Protection in Work Zones Training Modules
  46. Introduction to Positive Protection
  47. Guidelines for the Use of Automated Flagger Assistance Devices
  48. Temporary Traffic control for Building and Maintaining Single and Multi-Lane Roundabouts
  49. Nighttime Lighting for Work Zones
  50. Pedestrians and Americans with Disabilities in Work Zones
  51. Rolling Roadblocks for Work Zones Applications Training Module

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