Figure 6H-4. Short Duration or Mobile Operations on Shoulder (TA-4)

This figure illustrates an example of short duration or mobile operations on a shoulder.

This figure shows a vertical two-lane roadway with one lane of traffic in each direction. The opposing lanes are shown separated by a broken yellow line. Shoulders are shown to the right and left of the roadway. The shoulders are separated from the travel lanes by a solid white line.

At the bottom of the figure and to the right of the shoulder of the northbound lane, a symbol denotes a road sign. The sign tells travelers "ROAD WORK AHEAD." It is shown above another sign, labeled optional, with the words "NEXT X MILES" or the metric alternate "NEXT X km." These signs are shown in advance of a work vehicle parked on the shoulder. The work vehicle is shown with a truck-mounted attenuator and black rectangular caution panel with a circular yellow light in each of the four corners. Both the attenuator and the panel are labeled optional. A sign indicating "SHOULDER WORK" in black is shown mounted on the back of the work vehicle. The dimensioned distance between the advance warning sign and the work is referenced to "See Note 1." (Refers to item 1 under Guidance in the notes following Figure 6H-4 in the main document.) Just beyond the vehicle and to the right of the shoulder, a vertical rectangle is shown with diagonal black and white stripes, denoting a work space. Beyond the work space another work vehicle is shown.

A note states "Note: See Tables 6H-2 and 6H-3 for the meaning of the symbols and/or letter codes used in this figure." These tables can be found in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices at

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