Long Description: Component Parts of a Temporary Traffic Control Zone

This figure illustrates component parts of a temporary traffic control zone.

The figure shows one direction of a divided highway with two lanes adjacent to each other traveling in an upward direction. A legend shows a black arrow indicating the direction of travel on the roadway lanes. Arrows denoting direction of travel are shown in each lane pointing upward. There are left and right shoulders shown outside of the two lanes. The left shoulder is shown with a solid yellow edge line pavement marking that runs the full length of the figure separating the left shoulder from the left lane. The right shoulder is shown with a solid white edge line pavement marking separating the right shoulder from the right lane. The right lane and right shoulder are shown as closed within the area labeled "Advance Warning Area" and shown as reopened beyond the end of the section of road that is labeled "Downstream Taper." Four component parts of a temporary traffic control zone are illustrated on the right side of this figure, which are described as follows:

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