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Flag of China道路施工区的安全正越来越为全球所关注。许多国家面临着需要重建在20世纪后半期初步完成的交通基础设施。当车辆在建筑工人和设备附近行驶, 危险情况可能发生, 必须注意预防或避免。道路主管可受益于信息交流和学习其他国家, 省份以及地方政府的成功经验。美国国家施工区域安全交流中心提供以下信息为促进道路施工区安全在全球的交流和学习。

/ Roadway work zone safety is a growing concern around the world and many countries face the need to rebuild transportation infrastructure that was initially completed in the last half of the 20th century. As roadway users travel adjacent to construction workers and equipment, hazardous situations may arise that must be anticipated, avoided, or abated. Roadway owners can benefit by sharing information and learning from successful practices developed by other states, nations and local governments. The National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse provides the following information and links in an effort to facilitate communication and learning that promotes work zone safety for users around the world.

法律, 规则及标准 / Laws, Regulations, and Standards
政策, 指南及手册 / Policies, Manuals, and Handbooks
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公路通阻查询 / Traffic and Road Closure Information
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