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Information for Drivers

Car wreckAbout 800 people, most of them motorists, are killed in roadway work zones every year. Work zones can be dangerous for both construction workers and motorists. They require extra caution on the part of drivers. It is important to remember that speed limits are posted during road construction to keep workers safe. Slow down when you enter a work zone and let workers do their job and stay safe. This page is intended to provide information to help you drive through work zones safely.



Cone Safe Driving Tips - Includes links to state web sites that provide safe tips for driving through work zones.Know the Signs poster

Cone FHWA's National Traffic and Road Closure Information - Includes links to state web sites that provide up to date traffic and road closure information.

Cone State Laws - Work zone fine legislation by state.

Cone Work Zone Safety Outreach Campaigns by state or agency

Cone Brochures & Fact Sheets on work zone safety by state or agency

Cone "Know the Signs" Poster

Cone ARTBA Store



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Modified: 5/24/2011

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