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This page includes articles that are published during the current year and the previous year. The list is sorted by Year (not Date) and then Title. To search for articles of interest, go to Search Publications.

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1. House Committee OKs Speed Cameras for Work Zones
Carden, Dan. February 2015
2. House Says Not So Fast to Speed Cameras
Carden, Dan. February 2015
3. MnDOT to Guide Visually Impaired Through Work Zones with an App
Wilson, Todd. KSTP.COM. February 2015
4. Senator Calls for Work Zone Safety Bill March 2015
5. Texas Sees More Traffic Deaths in Construction Work Zones Than Any Other State
Materson, Amy. Better Roads. January 2015
6. TTI, TxDOT Team up to Test Connected Vehicle Technology
Thinking Highways. January 2015
7. "Work Zone Alert" New Safety Buzzwords: CHP Launches New Public Awareness Campaign
Mijs, Catherine. The Reporter. June 2014
8. 'Move Over' Law to Be Enforced After Trooper Killed May 2014
9. A Death Not in Vain
Barbaccia, Tina Grady. Better Roads. July 2014
10. A Proper Platform: GIS-Based Tool for Work Zones Makes Sense
Bringardner, Jack. Roads & Bridges. January 2014
11. Another Crash Involving ODOT Truck in Work Zone
Baker, Jennifer Edwards. April 2014
12. Arkansas Secures Work Zone on I-30
Roads & Bridges. August 2014
13. Asking Drivers What Information They Need: Radical but Effective
ITS International. January/February 2014
14. Barrier Innovation Putting Traffic Safety and Flow First
World Highways. March 2014
15. Big Barriers for Boosting Road Work Safety
Kilcarr, Sean. Fleet Owner. July 2014
16. Big Barriers for Boosting Road Work Safety
Fleet Owner. July 2014
17. Bill Would Ban Cellphones in Highway Construction Zones
WSAU. January 2014
18. Cameras Sought for Work Zones on Pennsylvania Highways
Schmitz, Jon. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. October 2014
19. Can You See Me Now? Visibility in Work Zones at Night
Schneider, Scott. Lifelines Online. April 2014
20. Caution Urged After 26 Incidents in I-64, I-264 Work Zones September 2014
21. Cell Phone Use in School and Construction Zones Should Be Illegal, Lawmaker Says
Borchardt, Jackie. October 2014
22. Crashes Continue in I-80 Construction Zone in North Sacramento
The Sacramento Bee. November 2014
23. Creating Smarter Work Zones
Scriba, Tracy; Atkinson, Jennifer. Public Roads. March/April 2014
24. Death of Young Woman Prompts Change to Construction Zone in Rogers
Mazan, Joe. November 2014
25. Emergency Response in Construction Zones
Tendall, Natalie. June 2014
26. Eye-catching Signs Warn of Construction on Pacific Coast Highway
Zhou, Kelly. September 2014
27. Fatal Occupational Injuries Involving Contractors, 2011
Pegula, Stephen. Monthly Labor Review. February 2014
28. Five Highway Workers Killed on Md. Roads Since 2013
The Frederick News-Post. April 2014
29. Flaggers Trained for Life in the Slow Lane
Zind, Steve. Vermont Public Radio. July 2014
30. Greater Efficiency with Highway Work Zone Safety
World Highways. March 2014
31. How to Avoid Highway Work Zone Injuries and Deaths
Better Roads. August 2014
32. Improving Work-Zone Safety for Visually Impaired Pedestrians
University of Minnesota, Center for Transportation Studies Catalyst. September 2014
33. Incorrect, Failed I-95 Construction Signs Create Mass Confusion, Huge Traffic Jam
Rector, Kevin. The Baltimore Sun. August 2014
34. ISEA Announces ANSI Approval of Updated Industrial Head Protection Standard
International Safety Equipment Association June 2014
35. Keeping Workers Safe & Traffic Moving in the Lone Star State
Modern Contractor Solutions. July 2014
36. Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Testing Safety in Construction Zones
14 WFIE. November 2014
37. Living in the Line of Duty
Rubin, Dennis L.; Vásconez, Kimberly C.. Public Roads. July/August 2014
38. Minnesota Video Shows Use of Automatic Flagging Machines in Work Zones
AASHTO Journal. December 2014
39. MoDOT Will Use 'Sound Cannons' to Deter Work Zone Speeding
Kansas City Business Journal . April 2014
40. MoDOT Won't Deploy Noisy Work-Zone Warning Device After All April 2014
41. New App Helps the Visually Impaired Navigate Work Zones
Turtinen, Melissa. BringMeTheNews. March 2014
42. New Law Enforces Slower Speeds in Work Zones
CBS Local. July 2014
43. New Law Reduces Speed Limits, Clarifies Signs Near Work Zones
Raghavendran, Beena. Star Tribune. July 2014
44. New System Seeks to Ease Traffic Snarls in Louisiana
Broussard, Ryan. The Advocate. February 2014
45. NY State Police to Clamp Down in Road Work Zones
The Wall Street Journal. May 2014
46. Officials Trying to Stop Hackers from Breaking into Electronic Road Signs
Yates, Eames. WPMT FOX43. May 2014
47. Officials: Dispute between CHP officer, Firefighter an 'Isolated Incident'
CBS 8. February 2014
48. One Killed, Four Injured After Bridge Collapses at Wake Tech Construction Site
McDonald, Thomasi; Gallagher, Ron. The News & Observer. November 2014
49. Push Is on to Toughen Work Zone Laws
Johnson, Brian. Finance and Commerce. February 2014
50. Ready for Prime Time: NFPA 1091 Traffic Control Incident Management Professional Qualification Standard
Austin, Steve. The Responder. May 2014