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Brutal Video Aimed at Saving Lives in Construction Zones

Bellett, Gerry
In the past five years, 70 flaggers have been injured and 3 killed in British Columbia. Jennifer Beauregard was one of them. The 23-year-old flagger was flagging when she was struck by an inattentive driver on Sept. 25, 2009. Beauregard suffered from an extensive amount of injuries including a severe brain hemorrhage, and it is likely that she may never fully recover. The accident stimulated Beauregard's desire to inform the public of the dangers associated with reckless driving in construction zones. She now serves as a poster girl for WorkSafeBC's Slow Down campaign, a campaign aimed at getting motorists to slow down through road construction sites. Beauregard's story is a chilling reminder of how dangerous flagging can be, especially in the presence of oblivious drivers.
The Vancouver Sun
Publication Date:
September 3, 2010
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