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IMLRMA Today: Protecting Employees in Work Zones

Masters, Anne; Closson, Jim
Municipal public works employees are often exposed while performing daily job duties, especially when working on streets and highways. In order to protect these employees it is essential to close the roadway or employ the following strategies: Establish a safe work zone that conforms to the MUTCD, utilize proper channelizing devices, deploy trained flaggers, make workers highly visible, and post advanced warning signs. Using these strategies can help warn the public of upcoming roadwork and reduce the chance of an accident. New laws have also been implemented to help protect public works employees. Since January 1, 2010, it has been illegal to e-mail, text, or surf the internet while driving in Illinois. In addition, it is also illegal to talk on a cell phone while travelling through a work zone. IMLRMA urges drivers to use their undivided attention while travelling in order to protect Public Works employees.
Review Magazine
Publication Date:
March 2011
Categories: Training | Temporary Traffic Control | Cell Phones | Flaggers | Laws and Legislation | Worker Safety | High Visibility Clothing | Articles