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Denim Work Pants with Knee Pads Flame Resistant (FR)
Woodland Workwear FR denim jean work pants are the first and only flame resistant protective workpants that also have KNEEDZ® gel knee-pads built-in. That’s right, protective clothing that will satisfy two key areas of injury prevention and safety promotion- knee protection and protection from arc flash and flash fire hazards. FR denim jeans are made from 12.8 ounce, high-tech Indura® UltraSoft® protective fabric and are made to last with a Hazard Risk Category (HRC) rating of 2 and Arc Thermal Performance Value of (ATPV) 19.5.
KNEEDZ® are not made from just any ordinary urethane foam or rubber. Extensive lab research and real-life field testing helped Woodland Wear provide the ultimate in pad technology to protect workers. The gel compound formula is perfectly blended and processed to insure maximum protection, to offer the lightest weight possible, and to be virtually indestructible. Other pad materials just won’t compare to KNEEDZ®. Every pair of Woodland Workwear work pants have KNEEDZ® pad protection built right in so that workers may experience FULL-TIME protection when performing a job function on their knees.
No more forgetting knee pads. Five years of research and field testing resulted in a pad formula that is perfectly balanced:
LIGHTWEIGHT- Each pad weighs just over 5 ounces (150 grams)- hardly noticeable!
PROTECTION- The "waffle" surface is a scientific design engineered so that the load, compression, and displacement characteristics are finely tuned to provide the perfect blend of maximum protection and performance.
PERMANENT- FULL-TIME protection is guaranteed because KNEEDZ® never require installation or removal. No more excuses for not wearing the knee protection that you deserve and to always have it there when you need it.
INDESTRUCTIBLE - Our pants can be laundered as usual over and over again. Our gel compound that makes up KNEEDZ® is formulated to be non-absorbent and to withstand temperatures up to 600F.
Intended Use: 
Construction, Stockist, Industry, Mining
ASTM D395-03 Method B
Denim Pant non FR - $69.95
Denim Pant FR rated - $99.95
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Vendor Details:
Woodland Workwear USA
PO Box 410785
Melbourne, Florida 32940
Contact: Mike Munnings
Phone: 321-514-2808
Categories: Protective Clothing