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Flagger certification and training
From Nebraska Department of Roads Standard Specifications for Highway Construction:
a. (1) It shall be the responsibility of the Contractor to furnish flagger(s) to direct traffic when construction activity occurs on or adjacent to a surface being used by the traveling public.
(2) Except when necessitated by an emergency situation or for situations not reasonably expected to last for more than 15 minutes, flagging shall not be performed by other than certified flaggers. Flaggers must always carry a valid Flagger Certification Card. Flagger Certification Cards shall be valid for a period of 2 years from date of issue.
... ...
c. (1) The Contractor shall be responsible for the training and certification of the flaggers employed on the project. Certification shall be according to the standards established herein and the 'Guidelines for Flagger Training and Certification of Flaggers' available from the Department. Certification cards issued according to these rules by other Contractors, provided they have not expired, shall be considered valid.
(2) Flaggers shall be familiar with the contents of the Department's 'Flagger's Handbook' and shall carry a copy of such publication on their person while performing the flagger duties. This publication is available from the Engineer.
d. In order to be certified, the prospective flagger must:
(1) Be in good health with normal abilities of hearing and sight.
(2) Be able to read and speak English.
(3) View the 45-minute video 'The Flagger.'
(4) Correctly answer 80 percent of the questions on an examination that accompanies the video.
e. Upon satisfactory completion of the training and examination procedure, the prospective flagger shall be issued a Flagger Certification Card by the examining Contractor. The flagger's name, social security number, and test score shall be reported to the Construction Engineer on DR Form 90, 'Flagger Certification Report'.
f. The video, examination forms, Flagger Certification Cards, Flagger Certification Reports, and 'Guidelines for Flagger Training and Certification of Flaggers' shall be furnished by the Department."
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Matt Neemann
Traffic Control Engineer
Nebraska Department of Roads
P.O. Box 94759
Lincoln, Nebraska 68509-4759
(402) 479-4594
(402) 479-3606
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