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Flagger certification and training

The Connecticut Department of Transportation requires all uniformed flaggers to be trained and certified by one of the department’s

approved programs. A training course for Connecticut law enforcement personnel has been adapted from the FHWA Work Zone Training Law Enforcement Course, Publication FHWA-SA-06-04, and recommended by the Connecticut Highway Work Zone Safety Advisory Council established in 2008. Connecticut General Statutes Section 14-212f states that “The Highway Work Zone Safety Advisory Council established by section 14-212e shall develop a program curriculum and shall make available and recommend such curriculum to the Division of State Police, the Police Officer Standards and Training Council and each municipal police department.” The training is not mandatory but law enforcement agencies and academies are “encouraged to provide in each basic or review police training program conducted or administered by said division or council or by such department, training on highway work zone safety that includes, but is not limited to, the following: (1) Enforcement of statutory provisions concerning endangerment of a highway worker, as defined in section 14-212d; (2) techniques for handling incidents of unsafe driving in a highway work zone; (3) risks associated with unsafe driving in a highway work zone; (4) safe traffic control practices set forth in the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways published by the Federal Highway Administration under 23 CFR 655, Subpart F, as amended, such as the wearing of high-visibility safety apparel and the proper locating and positioning of law enforcement officers working in a highway work zone; and (5) general guidelines, standards and applications set forth in said manual, including, but not limited to, training on the proper use of traffic control devices and signs, and annual refresher training on such guidelines, standards and applications.”

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Transportation Maintenance Planner 1
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Connecticut Department of Transportation
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