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Flagger certification and training

From Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction:
"105-8.4 Flagger: Provide trained flaggers to direct traffic where one-way operation in a single lane is in effect and in other situations as required. The Worksite Traffic Supervisor or others as approved by the Department will provide training for flaggers."

From FDOT procedural document - Maintenance of Traffic Training:
"6.7.1 Basic Training - The minimum basic training areas to be covered shall be Part 6 of the MUTCD Section 6E (Flagger Control), and Design Standards Index 600 (Flagging Operations and Night Time Flagging) and (General Information for Traffic Control through Work Zones). The field demonstration shall be a dexterity test using hand-signaling devices (STOP/SLOW paddle and flag) during flagging type operations and placement of traffic control devices. In order to successfully complete Basic Training, the instructor shall determine that the flagger has demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in flagging operations. A person who has successfully completed the Restricted Activities, Restricted Activities Refresher, Intermediate, Intermediate Refresher, Advanced, or Advanced Refresher Course and holds a current valid and verifiable wallet card may provide training for flaggers.

The instructor may use training videos, handouts, computer based training, or other methods to ensure that the flagger has demonstrated knowledge and proficiency in flagging operations. No formal submittal of this course to the MOTC for review is required. No time requirement is set for the training, but the instructor will be required to keep a record of persons they have successfully trained and the date they were trained."

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