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Using Portable Changeable Message Signs to Control Speeding in Work Zones  ( Training )

State and local DOT staff charged with developing and maintaining an overall temporary traffic control plan, construction engineers, the owner-agencies and contractors who are responsible for implementing TTC plans, and field staff responsible for ensuring compliance with TTC plans.

Construction Site Safety in Work Zones - Grant  ( Training )

“Craft” and utility workers or other related disciplines involved in highway and road construction, utilities, infrastructure, survey, and maintenance.

Flagger Certification  ( Training )
T3 Webinar: Roles of Transportation Management Centers in Incident Management on Managed Lanes  ( Training )

Managed Lane, ITS, and TMC Program Managers, consultants, vendors, academia, and government officials, including local, State, Federal and DOTs, and any other individuals or entities involved in the design, deployment, operation, or evaluation of TMCs or managed lanes.

Those wanting to learn more about the unique considerations related to incident management activities coordinated from a TMC in the managed lane environment.

Work Zone Hazard Assessment: Identifying and Maintaining the Work Zone Clear Zone  ( Training )

State DOT construction engineers, traffic control plan developers, planners, and designers.


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