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Work Zone Traffic Control & Flagger Safety


Work zone traffic control is an important part of any well-planned construction or maintenance project. Traffic control is essential to protect both the public from the hazards associated with the project and the employees on the work project from the traffic and the flagger is the key individual charged with the responsibility of maintaining this control. The flagger must always remember that their job is the most important one on the crew, as the lives of all individuals in the work area and the safety of those driving through the work zone depends on you and your decisions. Topics included in this safety video are:
• Personal protective equipment
• Proper equipment and flagging position
• Flagging procedures
• Proper conduct
• Importance of flagger safety
• Identification of hazards

16 min.
Safety Source
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Available for loan to all members of the Mississippi Municipal Service Company in both the Mississippi Municipal Workers’ Compensation Group and the Mississippi Municipal Liability Plan. Loan request form is available on the website above.

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