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Online Flagger Training Course (ATSSA flagger curriculum)

Description: offers convenient, cost-effective, on-demand training for traffic directors (flaggers). Targeted to organizations and government entities that supply or deploy flaggers at road maintenance and construction sites, follows the American Traffic Safety Services Association's (ATSSA) basic curriculum and guidelines, and complies with state-specific requirements and regulations. After successful completion of the training and final test, each student will receive an ATSSA flagger registration card and be qualified for flagger duty. is owned and operated by Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc. Each student takes the Online Flagger Class at a time convenient to him or her; no outside scheduling is required. The class takes approximately four hours to complete. It offers individualized online training utilizing graphics, illustrations and interactive content to allow students to react to online scenarios. The class is organized into multiple sections, each of which has its own evaluation module that must be completed and passed before moving on to the next section. Students are evaluated by means of interactive quizzes, with instant feedback. This means they can take the class at their own pace and are free to learn from mistakes without fear of intimidation by other class participants. ATSSA also requires the student to demonstrate how to stop, slow and release traffic. So, the flagger was taken off the flagger symbol sign and made it interactive, using controls to move the head, the arms, the body and the wrist to demonstrate the required elements. answers a critical industry need by allowing employers to train flaggers at their convenience, and as needed. Companies may purchase blocks of classes and assign them to students as needed. Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc. has been providing traffic control design software since 1996, and has been the designer and administrator for ATSSA's online re-certification testing program, since 2004.

$75.00 individual, discounts start at 2 classes purchased (price subject to change without notification).

Training Location: 
All states
Contact Organization: 
Professional Traffic Graphics, Inc.
P.O. Box 260245
Lakewood, Colorado 80226
(720) 962-8815
(720) 384-0623
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