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Toolbox & Toolbox Talks

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ITS in Work Zones
  • Minnesota IWZ Toolbox: Guideline for Intelligent Work Zone System Selection
    developed by Minnesota Department of Transportation
    Provides guidance for selecting an appropriate Intelligent Work Zone (IWZ) System for existing work zone traffic issues and to mitigate anticipated issues on scheduled projects.
  • Work Zone Safety Toolbox
    developed by Maryland State Highway Administration
    Provides guidance on the use of portable changeable message signs with speed display, speed display trailers, and other ITS in work zones.
Traffic Analysis Toolbox
Work Zone Process Review
Work Zone Positive Protection
  • Work Zone Positive Protection Toolbox 
    developed by the American Traffic Safety Services Association
    Describes various types of positive protection devices currently in use and provides guidance on where and how each is typically used.
Work Zone Safety Awareness
Worker Safety

The following were developed through the Construction Roundtable of OSHA’s Alliance Program:

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