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Turning Point: Roadway Work Zone Safety for New Drivers

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Picture of a car wreck Would it surprise you to know that a teen is killed every three days in a roadway work zone crash…or that seven teens are injured in work zones every day!? Pretty startling…and scary! Overall, you could fill a stadium with the people who are killed and injured in work zone traffic accidents each year—over 40,000! This is simply not acceptable—NO WAY! 

Turning Point: Roadway Work Zone Safety for New Drivers is a program with one goal in mind—keeping new drivers like you alive
and safe in work zones.

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When you get your driver’s license, you reach a turning point in your life. You need to deal with this turning point in a positive and responsible way—by recognizing the hazards and making the right decisions every time you drive—especially when you drive through work zones. Your driving decisions can turn your life completely around for the worse…or keep you headed safely on your way. It’s up to you!

Turning Point will help you learn to recognize the hazards and make the right decisions as you drive. To learn more about the campaign, click here.

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U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration     American Road & Transporation Builders Association      AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety     National Safety Council

Posted: 9/29/2008

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