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Teaching Work Zone Safety

What's A 'Work Zone,' Anyway?...

Links to other national driving organizations:

Logo of the National Work Zone Safety Information Clearinghouse




National Work Zone Safety Information 
Featuring the world’s most extensive library of information on roadway work zone safety topics, the Clearinghouse offers searchable databases on traffic control and safety “best practices,” available technologies, international research results, and safety training courses and programs. Clearinghouse users can also be directed to state transportation department safety coordinators and information on products and services, related laws, regulations and legal cases, and public awareness campaigns. The site handles over 80,000 users annually.
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Operations “Work Zone Mobility & Safety Program” web site




Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) 
Office of Operations “Work Zone Mobility 
& Safety Program”
FHWA’s Web site for the Work Zone Mobility and Safety Program. The Program’s objective is to enhance the safety and operational efficiency of highway work zones for all road users (motorists, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists), and highway workers. The program applies to all public highways and streets, and is intended to assist State and local governments in developing and conducting their own work zone improvement programs. Provides access to publications and links to other Web sites. Program areas include education outreach, technology sharing, rulemaking and research.

Logo of Federal Highway Administration Office of Safety 




Federal Highway Administration 
(FHWA) Safety, Media Center (for 
“Moving Safely Across America” 
and “Read Your Road”)
Web site for FHWA’s Office of Safety, a strong advocate and champion for highway safety within the FHWA, within DOT, and with external organizations. Safety works with other offices in FHWA to "integrate" safety improvements, goals and activities in all of FHWA's business functions. It closely coordinates FHWA safety strategies and initiatives with other DOT agencies and the Office of Secretary. It advocates and influences the field activities to improve highway safety. It interacts closely with FHWA partners, such as the States, AASHTO, NAGHSR, and with other external safety advocacy groups. It interacts with Congressional staff to communicate the renewed importance of highway safety in FHWA. The Web site offers professional resources, community resources, road user resources, and news and events.
Logo of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)





National Highway Traffic Safety 
Administration (NHTSA)
Web site of the federal agency that works to assure safe, secure and efficient automotive travel. In addition to providing vehicle and equipment information, this site addresses traffic safety/occupant issues, including injury prevention, driver performance, communications and outreach, and crash information.
Logo of AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety




AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
The Foundation is affiliated with the American Automobile Association and is dedicated to saving lives and injuries by preventing traffic crashes. The Web site serves the Foundation in its mission of identifying traffic safety problems, fostering research that seeks solutions, and disseminating information and educational materials. Provides various products in different media, including videos, interactive CD-ROMs and online quizzes that test motorists’ knowledge and skills.
Logo of American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators





American Association of Motor 
Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
The AAMVA strives to develop model programs in motor vehicle administration, police traffic services and highway safety. The Association serves as an information clearinghouse for these same disciplines, and acts as the international spokesman for these interests. It represents the state and provincial officials in the United States and Canada who administer and enforce motor vehicle laws. Information about AAMVA’s publications and other products and services is available through this Web site.
Logo of American Traffic Safety Services Association






American Traffic Safety Services 
ATSSA members provide the majority of roadway safety features, services and materials used on our nation’s roadways. ATSSA provides roadway safety training (through publications and media), and advocacy and networking services for roadway safety. Through its Web site, and other channels, ATSSA provides a wide range of training and informational videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs, manuals, handbooks, and other products and services.
Logo of National Safety Council





National Safety Council (NSC)
The National Safety Council is dedicated to improving the safety, health and environmental well-being of all people as they live, work, drive, and play. Along with its national responsibilities, the Council carries out its mission on the community level through a network of chapters. Provides defensive driving courses, work zone courses, and other traffic safety resources. The NSC’s library is one of the most complete safety and health information resources anywhere. Excellent source of research results and safety statistics.
Logo of National Technical Information Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce





National Technical Information Service
(NTIS) of the U.S. Department of Commerce
Covering a vast database, the NTIS Web site encompasses a wide range of issues, products and services including highway safety, driver and driving topics, and teen educational and behavioral subjects.
Logo of American Driver & Traffic Safety Education Association





American Driver & Traffic Safety 
Education Association (ADTSEA)
ADTSEA is the professional association which repre­sents traffic safety educators throughout the United States and abroad. Its over 1,000 professional and cor­porate members include state supervisors of safety education, university professors, elementary and sec­ondary school teachers, vocational rehabilitation specialists, commercial driving school owners, police traffic safety personnel, and corporate representatives. ADTSEA creates and publishes policies and guidelines for traffic safety education; conducts conferences, workshops and seminars; provides consultative services; and develops educational materials. It maintains the National Student Safety Program (NSSP).
Logo of Driving School Association of the Americas, Inc.







Driving School Association of the 
Americas, Inc. (DSAA)
DSAA is an international association of driving school owners and educators. Its newsletter, The Dual News, goes to over 2,500 member driving schools. Its goals are to improve driver safety and encourage profes­sional ethics in the driver education industry. The asso­ciation offers regional seminars around Canada and the United States about five times a year and holds an annual conference to bring together leaders from the driving school industry. DSAA fights to save lives and make automobiles safer to use, and provides leader­ship and monitoring of the driver education industry.
Logo of Network of Employers for Traffic Safety




Network of Employers for Traffic 
Safety (NETS)
NETS is a public/private partnership that engages employers of all sizes and industry types in seeking, developing, and expanding best practices in traffic safety. It is the only organization dedicated exclusively to workplace traffic safety. NETS’ mission is to reduce traffic-related deaths and injuries in the nation's workforce by developing safety policies, work­place informational and training programs, safety cam­paigns, and corporate community activities. NETS' pro­grams, resources, and services aim to reach all employees and their families, whether an employee drives for work or to and from work. It is nationally known for its annual Drive Safely Work Week campaign.

Posted: 8/13/2008